Ambassador Program

The Ambassador Program celebrates a group of active members and their contributions to the community.

What's an Ambassador?

The CS Ambassador program is a group of Couchsurfers who exemplify our Core Values in the way they live and share their lives. They are spread all over the world, from Canada to Ethiopia and many places in between. They are extremely active in their communities, hosting surfers, planning events and attending meet-ups. They understand and respect our community guidelines and terms of use, are committed to keeping the local Couchsurfing community active and welcoming to all, and they love sharing their culture with locals and travelers alike. They are here to help you discover Couchsurfing, answer questions you may have, and keep a vibrant Couchsurfing community alive in their cities.

Become an Ambassador

If you've been an active member of your local community for at least a year, and want to help grow your city's Couchsurfing community, then the Ambassador program may be for you! Check out more information here